Objectives- of the MSDA are to encourage the breeding, training and working of stock dogs, regardless of breed, on all classes of livestock.  The Association sponsors the following programs:

Training Clinics - Provide basic education and establish procedures needed by a handler to develop a young stock dog into a dependable worker

Fun Days - enable handlers to demonstrate their ability and progress being made in the training and development of their stock dog

Public Demonstrations - provide opportunities for handlers to share with others the amazing working ability of a well-trained stock dog.

Trials- provide an organized competition where stock dogs do practical work.

Mississippi Stock Dog Association

News and Events

Annual Meeting February 9, 2014
Jackson Fairgrounds Coliseum,
Press Room 10:00 a.m.

Discussion Old Business
Discussion New Business
Treasurer's Report
Review of State Trials for 2014
Election of Officers
Mississippi Stock Dog Association
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